Riding for a Reason was blessed to be able to present Trevor Garrison, age 25 of Steelville with a monetary donation which was raised during our annual Riding for a Reason event held back in March.

Trevor has Hodgkins Lymphoma, he has started chemo and has had a stem cell replacement three weeks ago and he is doing great so far.

Our continued prayers are with Trevor and his family and they continue thru this journey. ~ Kim McMillen


I got the pleasure of meeting some of the members of this group tonight. They are wonderful people and are supporting a wonderful cause. I have been fighting colon cancer for 8 years and to know that there are groups out there willing to help out, truly warms my heart! Thank you so very much for what you have done for me and what you continue to do for others! ~ Julie Stutz



“A big shout out to the members, for picking Phoenix Lacavich. She is fighting kidney cancer. Phoenix loves anything on wheels and being outside. Your financial gift is greatly appreciated. Thanks from Rob Lacavich, Jennifer A Rodgers, and Phoenix.” ~ Rob Lacavich




Thank you to your group for helping our friend Dave Hedrick out! His family is very appreciative of your support during this difficult time. Thank you for all you do!!! ~ Kimberly Hill





I am Kelly’s (Griffin) sister and would love to thank the people at Riding for a Cause for their generosity, love, support and concern. You are all truly amazing! ~ Jeannette Upchurch

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